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Hitech Solutions, Level 3, 159, Hurstmere Road, Takapuna Finance Centre , Takapuna , Takapuna

Our Mission at Hitech is Simple: Do it better than Big Telco!

Proudly 100% New Zealand Owned and Operated Hitech has been trusted by 100’s of New Zealand businesses for over 10 Years. At the core of our culture is engineering. Engineering sets us apart as we consistently challenge the industry status quo, driving innovation which results in better services and therefore outcomes for clients.

We specialise in providing a wide range of telco and infrastructure services. Directly supporting our clients both locally in New Zealand and internationally.

Our clients trust us to help keep their businesses running. We take pride in working alongside our customers to build rewarding and collaborative relationships and business solutions for the long-term.

Hitech has invested heavily in its core assets and upstream provider relationships to ensure a high level of autonomy, which leads to controlled customer outcomes that are very hard to replicate in our industry.

The engineering in our DNA allows us to design and implement solutions that solve the needs of businesses today and tomorrow. We understand the need for resilience and risk reduction strategies in today’s complex business environments e.g. cloud app migration. Beyond the engineering, we have an open approach to customer engagement and support. Providing real service 24/7 365 days per year.

As technologists we keep a keen eye on the future and as such have cornerstone investments in two leading New Zealand tech companies.

faceme.com and wcgateway.com

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