Hayley Media Graphic Design

Hayley Media Graphic Design, Level 1, 16, Byron Avenue, Takapuna, Auckland

We are a team of talented graphic designers with a background in magazines. With the world in its current state, standing out online, and making sure your products and services are reaching the right people, is more important than ever.

Luckily, we know what it takes to get people to take notice of things whether it be in their inboxes, social media feeds or actual mailboxes. After all, we’ve been making people pause with our eye-catching magazine designs for 50 + years.

Whether you need to get your message or updates out to customers with a professionally designed EDM, or through stand-out Facebook advertising, the Hayley Media Graphic Design team are ready to help.

If you’re re-branding, starting up a new company, or simply need a snazzy new video or animation for your website or social media campaign, Hayley Media Graphic Design can help with that too.

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