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Simplify your Business & eCommerce Reporting with the Small Business Web Analytics Starter Kit and Simplifier Connectors.

One easy to use Dashboard that shows you in a glance

Exactly which of your channels and platforms is producing you profit and which to ditch.
What products are selling and which parts of your business are working or not.
What percentage of your profit comes from which strategies.

Once you have mastered web analytics with our Starter Kit you will have a thirst for more insight and making all decisions data driven.

How do I know?

I’m Scott Elliott, and for 20 year I’ve worked closely with small business owners developing fast actionable insight. This experience has allowed my team and I to create the web Analytics Starter kit. It gives you a structured understanding of web analytics and how to begin your data driven journey.

We know how frustrating and time consuming it becomes when you have to try and figure out how to get data from your Facebook Ad accounts, Google Ad accounts, Marketing systems, project management tools and all those other software platforms you use to figure how your campaigns and business is performing.
As small business owners you need answers fast. You’re busy enough juggling all the different hats you wear without having to spend time figuring stuff out that could just be handed to you on a platter. My team and I recognised this and we knew had to help. We designed the Small Business Web Analytics Starter Kit to allow you to cut through all the noise and get to the point:

How much did you spend on the ads that made you the most or least money?
What products are the most popular online?
How much time did your team spend on each project and are they on time and under budget?

When you can make decisions in an instant, it frees up your time to focus on the next important project ( or you can hang out with your family, friends or do cool stuff if that’s your jam! ) Join me and fellow small business owners who are saving hours every day analysing information and instead doing whatever you want.

You can strategically position your businesses to work harder for you, you will stop trading time for money and have more time to spend as you please.

Make FASTER decisions in real-time with CLARITY.

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